Wednesday, November 08, 2006

 ArtShare Meme

I'm participating in a fun way to share art among bloggers.  The first five people who comment on my blog will get a fiber postcard from me.  All you have to do is post this same message on your blog, and make art for five other bloggers.  So, join in the fun!  

Not a lot of time to post today, I'm off to St. George for a professional conference.  Fortunately,  I'll also get to see my brother, and have some nice down time relaxing.  If there's anything arty going on in St. George, my brother will know about it.  So, I'll be looking for comments, and posting more this weekend.

It's a good day to be blue!!!


martha in ny said...

Is it greedy to sign up for more than one meme?I still have one more spot on mine too:)

Nellie Bass Durand said...

We'll end up with an exchange of art pieces between us. Yeah! I guess this is kosher since I signed up for arlee's and then she participated in mine.