Friday, November 17, 2006

FFAC postcards. . .

Just a quick post before I go into work for half a day. I'd posted before about getting my postcards from Houston- thanks to Linda T. Minton, who was a "personal shopper" for many, many QA members who weren't able to go. Linda did a fabulous job of choosing for people she only knows "virtually."

First is Purple Passion, by Lynn Majidimehr of Woodinville, WA. I love the effects created by the hand-dyed fabric and beading.

I had only mentioned one artist for Linda to look for, and knew that I might not get it. So I was thrilled to find a Liz Berg card, Gone Dotty 10. I have admired Liz's work since I first saw it in Quilting Arts magazine, and I was not disappointed. The color is vibrant, and the attention to detail is- well, awe-inspiring.

To say I'm very happy to add these cards to my small but growing collection would be an understatement!!

Fabric cards have turned out to be such a nice way to see what others are creating, and to try new ideas on, that I've joined a group on Art2Mail. Judging from the group membership, I will have 24 more magnificent cards added to my collection over the next few months!! I'm planning to start work on mine this weekend, with some dye painting and printing.

And, while we are talking about postcards to exchange- I still have 3 spots left on the ArtShare Meme. Look at my November 8 post if you don't know what this is. Sign up and pass it forward!!

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Lynn Majidimehr said...

I'm the creator of the purple passion postcard, and am glad you are happy with it. I shipped all my postcards off for the fundraiser without taking any pictures, so am glad you took one. Do you mind if I copy it for a record of my work? Thanks, LynnM