Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back home. . .

after two very nice days in St. George- where the sun was shining, and the weather perfect! I was there with a friend for a professional conference, but also had the chance to visit with my brother Paul, who lives there. All in all, a nice getaway- even if it did include work.

Before we left, we stopped by my brother's place to visit. He gifted Robyn with a number of items, which she is showing off-

Here I am with Paul- someone I am always glad to spend time with, whether it be in an art gallery or hiking in the mountains.

Work on the house quilt is progressing quite nicely- I got the borders on today. I'd originally planned to do a mitered border, to imitate a picture frame- but my brain was not in gear when I measured them, so I ended up having to do cornerstones. Oh well, one day I'll remember to measure twice and cut once!

All the landscaping is done and added, all I have left to do is the quilting. So I should have this ready to give to the intended recipient by Thanksgiving. Here it is just before I took it off the design wall to pin baste--

I also need to be kicking it into gear making postcards! I've got two responses to the ArtShare Meme, so three left! And, speaking of postcards, I received mine today from Houston, thanks to Linda T. Minton. She chose two beautiful ones for me- Gone Dotty 10 by Liz Berg, and Purple Passion by Lynn Majidimehr. I love them both, they are wonderful additions to my small but growing collection.

I can't believe it, but we will probably wake up to snow tomorrow. I am not ready for winter!!

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