Sunday, June 17, 2007

Music, and then some--

It has been a full weekend. I spent most of yesterday morning working on my journal quilt- so no pictures. But, I have gotten pretty good at solvent transfers.

Then yesterday afternoon DJ and I went to Genola Jam. Genola is a small farming town a few miles southwest of us, and every summer for the past few years they have had an outdoor concert of old-time, classic country singers- DJ's favorite kind of music. It was 100 degrees, we were out in the sun from 2 pm on in a field- but we had good seats, the bring your own type.

I wasn't real familiar with the singers, since I am an unrepentant rock and roller (with some other eclectic tastes in music). But, we saw Janie Fricke, TJ Shepherd, John Conlee, and my favorite, Sylvia. I'd never heard of her, I did not recognize any of her music, but I loved her voice. Apparently she toured in the 1980's, now she does the occasional CD, but works as a life coach for aspiring musicians. Her voice is clear, her music reminded me some of Joni Mitchell- she even did one of her early songs. We bought her CD, and DJ, who actually saw her when she was touring, got his picture taken with her. Clearly, she came of better in this shot, hard to make it look good with a table between the two!

Today we had a picnic in a Provo park with Lance, Tiff, and the kids. Not nearly as hot today, and we've had a nice breeze.

I do have one quilty bit to post- I got my Art Share Meme piece a week or so ago from Ferrett, and I am thrilled. Loved being able to see her marvelous quilting up close and personal.

Here's a closeup of the quilting--

Next is to figure a good hanging system so I can have it up in my studio--

One last exciting piece of news. I will be flying to Tampa on June 26 for a week. I'll be staying with Sean and Marly, but also interviewing for a possible job. I will be counting the days down, and have loads to post about.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

Ohhh, lucky you to have gotten in on Ferret's art share meme.

I send good wishes and thoughts for your interview.

Sarah said...

beautiful quilting on this piece. have a good trip!