Friday, June 29, 2007

Steamin' and Sweatin'!!!!

It's humid here! Yes, I knew it would be, but it has been at least ten years since I've been in the South in the summer. And, actually, it doesn't feel as thick here as I remember it being in South Carolina in July.

I left home without two essential pieces of techno gear- my charger for my cell phone, and the cable for my camera. I bought a transfer device for my camera, but Sean and Marly's computers won't read it. So, no pictures until I get home.

Yesterday Marly and I went to Venice, about an hour and a half south of Tampa. There was a fiber exhibit at the art center in Venice, including the 'Metrotextural' from the New York City artists. It was worth the drive, and Venice was a delightful beach town. We lunched in an old fashioned soda fountain, walked the main street lined with stores, and finished off with ice cream before coming back to Tampa. Monday, we'll hit another fiber exhibit in Dunedin west of here, and also visit the largest quilting store in Florida.

Tomorrow I'm shopping with Marly, looking for bargains, while Sean finishes some yard work and anything else on his honeydo list.

Today was my job interview. They will be talking to more candidates next week, so I don't expect to hear anything one way or another until I'm back in Utah.

Florida feels like a different world from where I have been living for the past sixteen years. All the green is balm for my eyes and soul, and it felt like I was driving down a tunnel of green going to Venice. There are no mountains to interrupt the sky, but when you are closed in by tall trees as far as you can see, the horizon just doesn't feel as expansive.

The trees are amazing. There are huge 'oaks' on Sean's street- they call them oaks, but they don't look like any oak I have seen before. And, just like a picture out of Gone with the Wind, they have Spanish moss hanging from the branches. The flowers here are almost all giant,unlike our tiny desert flowers, so I have new material for fiber pieces.

So far it has been a wonderful trip. Sean is off until I leave, so the three of us will have fun working in his front yard and continuing to explore Tampa- for my benefit!!

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