Sunday, August 05, 2007

My journal quilt is almost done!!

Despite having another laser procedure on a leg vein Friday, I was able to get some work done. Since I spent most of Saturday relaxing and resting the leg, handwork seemed appropriate- so I got the binding done. Now, the only part left is the last layer, and the parts for those are drying as I write. Lots of work in Photoshop Elements, but I think it will pay off. As usual, I'll post photos after the Houston show opens in November!!

I have had one of the pieces I did earlier this summer with paint and tissue paper pinned on my design wall, just looking at it from time to time. First I've been trying to figure which orientation is best. I've had some ideas for it floating around, so last night I made some red and yellow dye, and did four pieces of silk organza, and four pieces of cheesecloth. One red, two shades of orange, and one yellow. I'm happy to say that I managed to dye and wash the cheesecloth without turning it into a ball of threads. And the colors came out spectacularly! Here's the cheesecloth--

And here's the organza. Obviously, since this is multiple layers of the fabric, the color will be much more subtle with only one layer. I was happy I got some mottling on the orange pieces, although it may be hard to see in the photos.

I'm wanting to get my journal quilt done so I can concentrate on the two pieces for the Surface Design group show in October- I have about six weeks. The size of both is manageable, about a fat quarter. And I do have some ideas. I think I'm a little paranoid, since this will be an 'art' show, not a quilt show. And there are some very talented artists in the Surface Design group. But I know I'd kick myself if I didn't have something ready, so I' counting on that to keep me motivated.

I had a lovely surprise this weekend. DJ got me a bird of paradise plant for Mother's Day, seeing how fascinated I was with them, doing all the postcards and Marly's birthday present. It was a small plant, a cutting. But it has done well sitting by our fireplace facing a south window, and I've enjoyed watching it grow. Well, Friday it bloomed! A small bloom, but a nice foretaste of blooms to come.

I love the colors on this plant, and expect they will get even more spectacular as it matures. And I've no doubt it will find its way onto more art-- Marly wants a triptich of work for their living room, so after the October show I'll get busy again!


Karoda said...

the flower is indeed a quilty inspiration and the dyeing was definitely a success! do you have plans for the organza and cheesecloth?

Wild Thread Studio said...

I love birds of paradise and - much like yourself - often look at them and 'see' quilt!

Your cloths have exceptional beautiful colors.