Sunday, May 25, 2008

I haven't disappeared. . .

I've just been on a business trip for the past week down in southern Utah. Tried to post before I left, but our internet connection decided to go on the fritz Sunday, so I couldn't.

I have been dinking around with my fabric storage again. My space is limited, but with the right setup, I think is adequate for my stash. I've used different sizes and makes of plastic bins- which I have now outgrown. And, I'm tired of having to remove lids to see what's inside.

I recently found these cheap, no-lid bins at Walmart, and decided to give them a try. I bought just enough to try out the idea, and decided that it would work fine. I love being able to see the fabrics!

I needed to find a way to manage all the large bins I have sitting on the floor. There is enough space there to put more shelves, if I could find something low enough. At Ikea yesterday, while shopping for a desk for Shannon, we found a set of wooden shelves that was perfect. They show it tall, but I'll just cut it down, to make two sets of low shelves. So that should take care of that. I'll post the final result when I get it done.

I did take a quilt-related trip while down south. I had some free time Thursday, so I visited Superior Threads, which is headquartered in St. George. I was happy to find out they welcome visitors, and even sell from their inventory! I have access to Superior at a couple of local shops, but nobody carries the entire line. I had fun wandering the aisles of the warehouse, picking a few spools and even some hand-dyed silk ribbon. I love their threads, and tried to pick a variety. So I ended up with a spool of King Tut, several of Hollis Chatelain's Nature Colors, some Rainbows, and one spools of Caryl Bryer's Brytes. Bryte's are a 30 weight thread (the rest are 40 weight), which means it is heavier and will show up more. I wanted to try it out before buying any more. So here are the additions to my thread stash--

I'm actually working on something, but I can't post it. And, I need to begin working on my Journal Quilt- another project I can't post. Guess the blog will be limited to my work on the tree quilt, which is still going on.

Off to enjoy my long weekend. Hope yours is as enjoyable!!

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