Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost Done!!!

I took the day off work to give myself a five-day weekend, with the holiday tomorrow. I made it into the studio early in the morning (my best time), and by early evening I had the quilting done and the binding sewed on my journal quilt. The only thing I have left to do is sewing on the beads, which will be the finishing touch. And I can't show you a picture- arrgh!!

I've learned some things with this piece, and even had some serendipity at the end that enhanced it even more. Definitely not planned, but it added to the effect I was trying for. I may make a couple more on this theme, Shannon has already requested one with some minor changes.

I ordered my supplies for batiking this morning- tjantings, brushes, and a couple colors of dye that I've been wanting from Dharma. I was going to order the hard pillar soy wax that Rayna Gillman recommended from Pro-Chem- but I about died when the cost of shipping two pounds from Massachusetts was more than double the cost of the wax itself. So I googled soy wax, and found a candle supply company in Denver that also had the pillar soy wax. Not only were my shipping charges considerably less, but the price of the wax was better too- I got ten pounds for $13!! Compare that to Pro-Chem, who wanted $8 for two pounds. So I will be on pins and needles waiting for it all to arrive so I can experiment and play some more.

I took my camera with me when Sadie and I walked tonight. I never know what I will find on the river trail. Tonight we found thistles, tons of them. We may not be able to grow a lot of things in the desert, but we grow great big thistles. On one part of the trail, they were on both sides of the walk, and taller than me.

We saw them at every stage- early flowers,

wide open, (sorry it's a little fuzzy)

exploded, having sent lot of seeds out to make more thistles,

and finally, totally dry. I really like the look of these- and apologize again for the fuzziness.

We also saw lots of the summer snow- cotton from the cottonwood trees.

The wild sunflowers are just starting to appear.

I've had a fondness for flowering weeds ever since I used them as a theme for my 2006 journal quilts, my best (I think). Now I'm wondering if I can use these images in a batik--

Sadie is now thoroughly pooped, I'm tired. But a good day nonetheless!


Karoda said...

Are you considering a thistle influenced quilt? Great shots at showing the plant in its various stages.

Rayna said...

Great price on the soy wax, Beverly!
Shipping has become outrageous - so good for you. Have fun!