Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Dye Results

I ironed the last piece from my dyefest yesterday, and cut my little squares for my dye book from the sateen. I knew I got good results with the overdyes, but it wasn't until I had my squares all arranged on the paper that I could clearly see how nicely the colors blend into each other. I love these, they are so springy and happy!

The dye painted piece is ok- I'm thinking I may try some other surface design techniques on it, maybe some screenprinting. I do like the way the colors wicked into each other, without making mud.

The sashes turned out ok- the colors not as dulled as I'd originally thought. We'll see if they match anything in my wardrobe.

Karoda asked why I used the skillet like a double boiler,rather than just putting the wax in it. I wanted to make sure I could prevent it from getting too hot, and the thermostat on that skillet was primitive to say the least. No numbers, nothing in the directions to clue me in as to how hot it can get- so I figured I would play it safe with the can. I will need to get a bigger metal bowl or something, since some of the utensils I wanted to try stamping with didn't fit in the can. And, having the can makes it easy to store the wax when I'm done.

Well, off to church- then maybe I'll get some sewing done on a blouse I cut out yesterday.

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ahhh, i see said the blind man.