Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dyed, Washed, and Dried

I was up early, moving fabric from the dyepots and plastic to my washer. I think I got some great fabric to work with.

These are the monoprints I did, using turquoise and cerulean blue.

I'm glad I got some paler values, I need those. Sometimes my love of intense, clear color gets in the way of good design, and I'm trying to be conscious of that.

Here's the blues and blue-greens that came out of the color parfait pots.

I did an experimental pot, with yellow, ecru, and gray. Some wild ones came out of that. It fascinates me how yellow sometimes will make her presence known.

And the warm colors I got--

The top one was not from a dyepot, I folded it and put yellow and fire red dye on it, alternately. I love this one!

I also got to two of the scarves. It was harder than I thought it would be using the thermofax- the screen has fine writing on it, and it is hard to get a clear print. But I think with the addition of another image or two, I will like this one. Red and black are two of my favorite colors to wear.

The other scarf, I added stripes with irridescent charcoal and irridescent red Shiva paintstiks. The effect is subtle, but clearly there.

I learned something from this weekend's dyeing. It really made a difference having my dye concentrates made up,and the fabric already cut. I was done yesterday sooner than I thought I would be. So, planning ahead really does make a difference. I still have some dye concentrates left- maybe I'll use them to make some paler values of the color parfaits. Another weekend, though!!

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Judy said...

Love the fabrics you dyed....especially that yellow & red one that you also like so much. Your scarves are great too!
remember, if you do decide that you want a shirt, it is often easier for both of us if you send me a 100% cotton white tee that you like and that fits you well...then we know for sure that you are getting what you want! I give a 10% discount off of the cost when the shirt is furnished.

Happy dyeing....and I'm glad you got your sign up. You are braver than I!!