Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some of this, some of that--

I had a hard time coming back to reality this week. I stayed home on Monday, and left early on Wednesday. I think I mostly have my head back in my own life, not in Colorado. And I will be glad to have the election over, the other residents in my home are heartily sick of CNN. Me, I just want to have it officially announced that he has won the presidency.

I did engage in some art and quilty activities this week. Friday, our WAQ group met at Julaine's. We played with watercolors on fabric, and making them permanent with textile medium. I think I'll also try it with my watersoluble wax pastels- it has potential for small works where the hand of the fabric isn't as important. I took my camera, but then completely spaced off taking any pictures. Oh well.

I now have three strip sets done.

I've been wondering why I'm finding this so enjoyable- I dont' usually work in monochromes, but I'm enjoying this one. I even have a tentative name- Seasick. My next design decision will be to determine if I continue with curved lines, or include some straight. Right now, I'm thinking I'll use straight lines to join the three sets, then curved everywhere else. I'm planning to try it out with a collage in my 'new' sketchbook. And, I have no doubt the piece will tell me what it wants to be.

I've also been doing some knitting, here modeled by the intended recipient, Shilo the miniature Schnauzer.

This is the second sweater I've knit her, and I decided I needed to make a cardigan, for easier on and offs. Here's the backside-

And, I just can't finish without posting a couple more pictures from last weekend in Colorado. Jenn is a graphic artist who works up at Snowbird. She made a neat piece of chalk art on the sidewalk in front of the Obama headquarters in Montrose--

And I definitely can't end without posting a picture of Dave's car that we drove all over rural Montrose county canvassing for Obama. If you can't tell, Dave works for Uintah Brewery, a microbrewery in Salt Lake. We definitely turned some heads, both in Colorado and Utah!

When I feeling a little less rushed, I'll post what I learned from the three kids I spent a weekend with. I may be back in my own life, but the influence of that weekend will linger a lot longer, I think.

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