Sunday, December 07, 2008

A New Winter Tradition

Shannon has been talking about the apple fritters she ate while in Switzerland last year- and today she finally decided to try making her own. Judging by how fast they went, I'd say she succeeded in recreating her memory.

She found a batter recipe in old trusty Joy of Cooking, and used Granny Smith apples. Here she is putting some slices that have been battered into the oil.

And here is the final, yummy, result- a little powdered sugar, and I'm game for a new family tradition!

Didn't get anything done yesterday, other than mundane stuff like laundry. Shannon's car battery went dead yesterday, so we spent part of the afternoon dealing with that. But today, I got Blue Tsunami sandwiched and the anchor stitching done. I've decided that whoever thinks that stitch in the ditch is the way for beginner's to start quilting is nuts. It is hard, there were a couple of places where I wasn't quite there. But it's unobtrusive enough that I'm not ripping it out. Next is outline stitching the circles with a silver metallic thread, then quilting the whole thing in gentle curves- easy, I'll use my walking foot.

I did forget to mention- Friday we went to Body Worlds, a special exhibit in Salt Lake. A German company figured out a way to 'plasticate' bodies to prevent them from decomposing, and there are multiple exhibits of bodies that have been donated and plasticated, many of them in athletic and/or artistic poses. You could see the musculature, how our innards fit together, what a healthy lung looks like vs. a smoker's lung. It was fascinating, and all of it was real human bodies, not models or replications. And there was a camel and her baby,too. Anyway, if this show comes your way, by all means go. It's not in the least gory--

Hope your week is a good one!


Dionne said...

Oh, now that is a blast from the past. I remember as a child the lovely smell and taste of fresh made apple fritters! Mmmmm, yummy! Joy of Cooking did you say? I think I have that book! I think you've inspired me to make some dessert tonight!

Karoda said...

Hi Beverly, I finally got the hot cocoa and cinnamon toast out of my system that Rayna had blogged about...I'm tempted to try these now :).

Also, have you used your turkey fryer for steaming cloth yet? I saw a one really cheap on Craigslist and thought about it. Do you steam your cottons also?

I believe it was last year or either the year before that exhibit was in Cincy but my family didn't want to go see it...thought it was gross.

Judy Alexander said...

Saw the body exhibit in Copenhagen earlier this year and thought it was facinating. Did hear in a news story that the bodies were not donateded but were from some chinese prisioners. Don't know if it is true but who would want their body displayed in such a wierd way....