Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Work, Just Play!

I am enjoying a week off work. I always plan to get lots done in the studio, and it never happens the way I plan- so I'm just being relaxed about it this week. I've got two scarves with flour paste resist slathered on them, when it's dry I'm adding black crackle lines. Beyond that, the only studio time I've spent is with Bentlee.

She wanted to make a house like I did earlier, so I had her pick out the fabrics she wanted. I fused the backgrounds to the interfacing, then set up my Featherweight for her to sew the 'windows' and 'doors' on. She is really concentrating!

After she did all that, I sewed the parts together, which required the use of my Bernina and a zigzag. She's just not tall enough to reach the controls for this machine. Once I got that done, she saw a crown, and had to model it!

I did manage to get the roof on so she could take it home. She did a nice job picking fabrics, didn't she?

I am not one for video games, but I have to admit Bentlee's dad has got one that I like. He introduced us to Guitar Hero, which we've had a blast playing together. Last week he got Rock Band, which also had drums and vocals. Here's one version of our 'family band', with Shannon and Bentlee on guitar, and Lance on the drums-

Forgive the slight fuzziness, I've been playing with some of my camera's creative settings, and did this using the continuous shoot mode. And, the light wasn't the best.

Well, as one who always had fantasies of singing with a band, that was too much to resist. I had to try the vocals- and promptly got booed off three of the four songs I tried. What do you mean, I can't sing Bob Seeger's Hollywood Nights?' I do it all the time in the studio, and I think I sound just FINE!! In fact, the only song I got all the way through was a relatively recent one that I didn't know, and wasn't even trying to sing on. So what gives??

I did find out I can do the drums fairly well, however, and my skill with the guitar is improving. My only quibble with the game- they need more songs I know, like songs from the 60's!! In other words, make a version with stuff for us boomers!!!

I am still working on Blue Tsunami, doing the hand stitching. I'm too the point of deciding if I have enough, or I keep going. Here's a detail, I really do like the additional texture this gives the piece. And, all I have left with the facing is to sew it down on the back.

More later this week, hope you enjoyed your holidays!

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Karoda said...

What is guitar hero and rock band? are these the Wii stuff i keep hearing about?

i've always wanted to sing gut bucket gritty blues...if there such a game for the blues?

wishing you a fabulous year ahead!!! keep rocking!