Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quack, Quack

Our cool, rainy weather continued all week. I couldn't do any more on stripping the garage door, it's just been too wet. Yesterday we had a downpour- not a Florida downpour where it rains hard for hours on end, but a Utah downpour that lasted about half an hour at most. My potted herbs are soaked, and the lavender we bought to plant in the yard will have to wait until it's dried out some. Fortunately, the weatherman is telling us it will be dry this week, and actually get up into the 80's. Summer may finally be here!

And, I got the curtains done. Here you are, Sean and Marly- Michele Sofia's curtains done and ready to ship off to you!

Yes, they hang from a rod just fine!

They'll be in a box from the post office tomorrow, along with a couple of other goodies for Marly.

I still have the crib bumpers to do- but I think I am going to take a little break. I have got to get my dryer sheets painted, and start playing with designs for our Surface Design show in October. Neither of the pieces is that big, so I'm hoping once I get going they will come together quickly.

We've also been cooking for Father's Day. We're making shrimp liguine, with home-made Caesar salad and home-made garlic bread. Look at this yummy sourdough loaf Shannon made this morning!

We'll be making a special garlic spread with this roasted fresh garlic--

Last night we got some fresh rhubarb from a neighbor whose plant is growing like crazy. The rhubarb-raspberry crunch we made was yummy!

That's right folks, if I don't have any artistic content to blog about, I can usually come up with mouth-watering food images! Here's hoping your Father's Day (or Daddy-to-Be Day) dinner is as good as ours!

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Karoda said...

cooking from scratch is ALWAYS an artistic endeavor!

i've been thinking about a getting a bread maker but am trying to weigh my commitment to getting the use out of it. but as hot as it is today i'd like to be using an ice cream maker right about now ;)