Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer, Where Are You??

I'm having a hard time believing it is mid-June. Usually by now I'm complaining because we've gone from the 70's straight to the mid-90's. We did have a nice, slow warmup spring- and we've stayed stuck there.

Thursday night we went to a Kelly Clarkson concert at UVU- outdoors, in the baseball field. DJ and a friend stood in line for four hours so we'd get on the field in the first rush. Bentlee and I joined them about an hour before they opened the gates. It rained off and on all day- then cleared in the late afternoon. Still, it was cold for June. I dressed in four layers, all long sleeve.

We started out on the field, closer to the stage. Then we figured out that the only way we'd see anything would be to stand, so we moved to a hill where we could see sitting down. (I half thought about taking a picture of the lovely butts surrounding us- but refrained!)

It stayed dry through the opening act, then started to rain when Kelly came on. Here's our view of the stage-

And here's the view towards the stands where the expensive tickets were. By this time, I was not only in four layers, I was under an umbrella and had a blanket wrapped around my legs!

It eventually did stop raining, and I got this great shot of a rainbow off to the south.

I continue the work on the baby curtains. All that's left is the tabs, and sewing them in the curtains.

And, Shannon and I dyed two shirts that got stains on them that wouldn't come out. My tank top used to be yellow, now it's cafe au lait- which is what I stained it with! Shannon got chocolate on her white shirt, and decided a purple one would be great.

I need to get stressed about some upcoming deadlines. Our WAQ group met Friday, and Kathleen showed some awesome fabrics she did playing with marbling materials. Her Microscopy piece is almost done, and it was awesome too. So why am I feeling so bereft of inspiration? Maybe this crap weather has something to do with it- here's the view from our street just an hour ago, looking west.

Depressing, no?? Where is the SUN???


tiedyejudy said...

We're the same way here in Flag! First time in 6 years I haven't broken out the fans and had all the windows open! Weird...

Kim, Marci, and Family said...

Nice rainbow picture! If I had been a little further back I would have looked like the pot of gold :)
It was fun though!!

Kim, Marci, and Family said...

Loved the idea of changing the color of the whole shirt instead of chucking it! I am going to follow your blog, I think I could learn a thing or two (well many really!!)

Karoda said...

I know heavy overcast effects us but the view is very beautiful to look at in your photo....