Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm counting my blessings today- health, home, family (even though most of them are distant), a new, beautiful granddaughter- we truly are blessed to have such abundance in this country. I learned this first-hand when I spent a year in Africa with the Peace Corps in my early twenties.

The cooking began yesterday. I made an apple-cranberry pie, Shannon made yeast rolls. The topping for the green bean casserole is done, and I'm cooking the beans as I type. DJ and Bentlee are making peanut butter pies- definitely not my cup of tea, but some in the family love them. I'll stick with pumpkin and apple, thank you very much.

If I remember, I'll get a photo of the bounty. In the meantime, may your Thanksgiving be full of family, friends, and a sense of gratitude.


Rayna said...

Hope your day was as good as mine, Beverly. A new granddaughter!! What could be better?

I am seeing Jane on Monday - she is in NY with her mom and is coming to visit my studio for a few hours. Should be fun!

Judy said...

MMMMM: peanut butter pie! Sound delish to me!
Hope you all had a wonderful day.