Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Lily

I have the day off- it's not yet noon, and I've made more progress on the lily quilt. I got the background dyed to my satisfaction. It two times with the dyes, but it was worth it. Then I had to decide- the front,

or the back

I don’t know how much shows in the photos, but there is enough difference in person to make choosing the front an easy decision. I like how it mimics the subtle light patterns in the photo. It also has some nice texture which make the piece interesting without overwhelming the flower and leaf elements.

I also added fabrics to the green stash I'll choose the leaves from.

Then I turned my attention to the central white lily. Except, it isn’t really white. A close examination shows that it is really white with plenty of pale green. I found some white fabric that I liked- I honestly think it is leftover drapery lining! I traced the shape of the lily on to it, then pulled out my Tsukineko inks. I’ve had these for over four years, and never quite got the knack of using them. Sidney in my small art group is a master with them, and she suggested using them with aloe vera gel to help blend them. So I got some of that, too.

It took four coats, but I think it was worth it. I started with a very pale shade of yellow, then a pale shade of yellow green. I overlaid that with two coats of white, which is the only color that is somewhat opaque. It gave me the effect I wanted. I think when it is thread painted it will look even better

I am really liking the size of this quilt. There will be very few tiny, fiddly pieces, yet it is small enough to quilt on the Juki. I think the only part that will really stress me out is that orange background, I'm already trying to figure out how to quilt that.

Don't know if I will do much more today. We have WAQ on Friday, and I hoping for some input and past experiences on the best way to construct this.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank all those veterans who have served this country so selflessly. Both of my parents were WWII veterans, and I grew up with stories of what it meant to them. (A side note, the service was also how they met!) If you are reading this and a vet or an active service member- I thank you for your dedication to this country and what it means.

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dj said...

Beautiful color (red). It is hard to tell the difference on the computer. I love the mottled look in it as well! Lovely Lily idea!!