Saturday, October 30, 2010


What a nice switch- a weekend with no deadlines or pressures looming.  It's been one of those gray days that just makes me want to curl up inside- so I did, except for the curling up part.  I spent the morning cleaning up and organizing the studio, which sorely needed it.  I did run out and get a few groceries, and also got a larger three drawer storage unit for my little fabric bits.  The collection had long since outgrown the small three drawer unit, which replaced three shoeboxes!

After it was all clean, I made a holster for one of the other massage therapists at Shannon's work.  She wanted purple, she got a deep purple hand dye on Kona.  Worked great.  I also got laundry done.  But mostly, I just enjoyed  being.

After a lovely dinner at Mimi's Cafe (grilled salmon on a yummy salad with low fat citrus vinaigrette), we are back home.  Everyone else is out, we are being the grinches of Halloween and ignoring the doorbell.  Thankfully, the wet weather meant not many are out- so not a lot of ringing.  After I finish this, I think I'll pick up my knitting and watch the USC-Oregon game, apparently two teams without a defense.

As for my weight loss adventure, it is moving along well.  I've taken off eight pounds last time I checked, and am rather enjoying tracking all my food.  I've learned that reducing calories is a lot easier if you don't eat a lot of carbs, so hunger has not really been an issue.  I'm either walking the dog or exercising at the gym about four days a week.  It's been a no-stress way to do this, and I'm glad it's working.  I even got into some jeans today that hadn't fit in over a year.

All in all, a nice couple of days.  Hope your weekend was relaxing too!!

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Kay said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I've been losing weight too, and I find the secret is the glycemic index, which in my limited understanding means lots of fruit, vegetables and fiber, little processed stuff. Once I touch a bit of processed bread, cookie, or such, it's all over, but if I never eat one, I'm never hungry and don't miss it at all.