Sunday, October 03, 2010

I'm Back. . .

I got back from Florida late last night- I never did get to posting at all.  It was a nice, relaxing ten days, and wonderful to see Michelle for her first birthday.  Obviously, she has changed considerably from the one month old I saw on my last trip there!

Her birthday party was in a park- and it was hot and humid, Florida at it's best.  She looked adorable!!

She has the most amazing big, dark brown eyes with lashes anyone (female, at least) would kill for.  Daddy is already planning how he will handle the onslaught of boys!

We only went out to eat one night while I was there- the night before I left.  Sean had told me about a place a friend introduced him to, Ella's Folk Art Cafe.  It was wonderful!  There is all kinds of eclectic art outside and inside the restaurant- I loved this horse sculpture at the front entrance.  If you find yourself in Tampa, I highly recommend this place.

Inside, there was lots more.  Close to us was the Elvis wall!

Miss Michelle was very well behaved, chewing on a piece of bread while we waited for our dinners.  

See what I mean about those eyes??

Sean had steak, Marly had chicken, but I had to try the special that night- a pork chop with pumpkin-pecan alfredo sauce, sauteed asparagus with cranberries, and mashed potato cake.  It was all absolutely wonderful.  

Afterwards, we shared a piece of chocolate chai cheesecake- it was gone before I could get a picture!


Judy said...

Oh Lordy: Sean had better bar the door and SOON! She is fabulous!!
Glad you had a great trip...and what a fun restaurant!


Rian said...

What a sweetie...she looks like you!!!

Libby Fife said...

You two look wonderful! Glad you are feeling better and had a good trip.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

What a beautiful child. I am sure it was hard to leave her behind once again. Glad you got home safe and had a great time.

Karoda said...

Bev, that photo of the two of you is precious! And I agree, she favors you! so, Nana, is move to FL in your future?

Sandra said...

Oh you two look so beautiful together. I think that photo would make a cool journal style quilt.