Monday, January 23, 2012

Musings and Mumblings

That's all I have to offer up tonight, without any visuals.  I haven't taken any interesting photos recently, and I certainly don't need to bore you with photos of the snow we got over the weekend and today.  No, Shiloh and I did not go walking in it this weekend.  Since I worked on Friday, I felt rushed all weekend.  Amazing how I've gotten into a three day weekend grove, I need that long to get all my domestic stuff done, and get some creative time in the studio.  There was no creative time in the studio this weekend.

We have a new challenge for the Tangled Textiles group- Balance.  I quite like this one, and have been mulling ideas around in my head.  I think I will take some time to observe my surroundings, and get some photos of both balance and imbalance.  Beyond that, I'm not sure what direction I will take.

I thought I would be taking two workshops this year.  Rosalie Dace is teaching in Grand Junction in June, and I'd thought I could swing it.  Last week I came to the conclusion I couldn't, and took my name off the list.  Carol Soderlund was supposed to come back to Heber in July, but the studio we used for her workshop last summer is not available the week she can come- so that one has been put off until 2013.  Katie PM is coming here in August, and I just can't get enthusiastic about taking a class from her.  I'm getting more and more tired of taking design related classes from quilt artists.  I'm really thinking I just need to find the time and motivation to stay home and do the work.  So maybe the time I would have been at Carol's workshop will be staycation in the studio.  Or maybe I will take a long weekend and spend time with my brother and camera somewhere around Reno.  My brother would be the perfect companion for that kind of getaway.  Lots to think about, at least I don't have to make a decision any time soon.
So there you have it, the boring state of my mind.  I'll let you know if any of it results in action any time soon!

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Renate said...

Hey I hear you! I'm sort of in a winter funk too, but I'm sure it will be short-lived as soon as I go to my sewing "Drop in" day this Saturday. I've been mulling over my TT balance too!