Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Walking

We had our first snow of the year today- and I decided that my foot was feeling good enough to go for a walk with Shiloh.  I haven't been walking in a couple of months because of a plantar wart on my right foot.  I had it taken off last fall, but it came back- even worse.  My podiatrist took it off again a couple of weeks ago- it has taken that long for me to feel like I could walk, not limp.

So Shiloh and I drove up to Hobble Creek, where I'd learned there is a paved trail.  We found it easily, and headed off.  It was starting to snow, but not enough to make me change my mind.  I also wanted to take some pictures with my Nikon point and shoot.  I'm trying to use it and get used to the settings and it's capabilities.  It will never replace my Pentax DSLR, but I love having a camera that fits easily in my purse or pocket.

We had to cross a couple of bridges.  Shiloh managed to stand still long enough to have a portrait!

I loved the texture and color of the lichen on this tree trunk.

I wasn't expecting to see any green leaves this time of year- but these were peeking through the snow and underbrush.

It may have been snowing, but Hobble Creek was running fast and furious.  I was intrigued by the movement of the water next to the one piece of ice.

We walked for about an hour- I think we did about three miles.  When the snow on the trail got thick enough that I couldn't tell where it was icy underneath, we turned around.  But it's a trail I'll be going back to when the weather improves!


Renate said...

Oh that tree trunk picture is a wonderful example of texture. We had snow over the weekend too! Must go for a walk and take some pictures.

Gina said...

Looks like a lovely walk although I don't miss the cold! I hope you can get that Planter's wart to stay away. I remember my father suffered with one. He even came down with smallpox when he tried an experimental injection of smallpox directly into the wart. Hopefully treatment options have improved since then!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Loved the photographs. The tree texture is wonderful.
What a great walk. I look forward to seeing it in spring.