Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tangled Textiles Reveal Day

Today was the reveal for the fourth Tangled Textiles challenge- "Look Up."  My entry is The Eyes (don't have it anymore).  I was trying to use my recent experience with a secondary cataract and subsequent laser treatment as my inspiration.

 It is another mixed media piece, using the same general techniques as 'The Tools of My Trade" that I did for the last challenge.  This one has a lot less paint on it, and I am not that happy with it.  It never felt like it came together.  Maybe it will look differently to me if I put it away for awhile, but right now I am ready to move on to something else.

I tried and successfully used some new techniques- blurring text with PSE, and transferring a laser print of the text with gel medium.  

Click on over to the Tangled Textiles blog and see what the others in the group did.  There are some incredibly imaginative interpretations of the theme, and some wonderful work.


Vicki said...

AH, Beverly, this is my favourite of all your pieces. I just love the depth and meaning in it.

Karoda said...

WoW! Outstanding design and colour! May I suggest doing this large scale!?