Sunday, July 15, 2012

Springville Quilt Show, 2012

The annual quilt show at the Springville Museum of Art started yesterday, and Shannon and I made a quick trip to see it.  There was the usual array of traditional quilts, but I was very happy to see a number of not-so-traditional also.  And, there are a number of awards geared for non-traditional quilters.

I must admit I have gotten lazy since I got my iPhone- all this pictures were taken with it.  It is so nice to have my photos automatically download to my computer via the Cloud, without any effort or work on my part.

I loved this one, 'Loss' by Amy Despain Beatty.  It looks like it is mounted on canvas, but I'm not sure.  

I think the texture and dimension she achieved is just stunning.

I loved this one for the three-dimensional effect the artist got, just using value.  This is Labyrinth, by Josephine Keasler.

The Utah Surface Design Group (of which I am a member) was well represented.  Here is Lisa Brothman's 'Artful Charms,'

and Susan Madden's 'Last Leaves.'

Anne Munoz, who taught the first batik class I ever took, won an award for best Mixed Techniques with 'Vida Marina.'  I loved what she created with a self-described dye rag!

I've got more photos, but I'll save those for a later post.  Lest you think I've not been in my own studio, I got more sewing done.  I finished Shannon's dress- the fitting turned out to be much less of a hassle than I'd thought.  And I got two tops done for me- one using the cotton lycra knit that I dyed and then did paintstik rubbings all over, and another with red fabric straight from the store.

I love how the purple one came out.  I will use that pattern again, with one small alteration to the neckline.  It is the perfect pattern to showcase surface designed fabric!

The red one is made from a rayon knit, that is soft and comfortable, but has no body whatsoever, and is a pain to sew with.  I have tried multiple times to make tee's with the draped neckline, and been frustrated every time.  I think I am done with that experiment- if I can't find it in the store, I don't need it.

I am done sewing on clothes for awhile.  My idea for the next Tangled Textiles challenge has been percolating in the background while I've sewn on all these, and it is time to get to work on it.  What I can say is that I think I will be doing lots of fiddly piecing with it!

Hope your week is a creative one!


Libby Fife said...

You look great!

Thanks for the pics of the work from the show. They look like a good representation of styles; I especially like the Labyrinth piece.

Debra Spincic said...

I'm in the market for a new serger so I can do some sewing. Lots of fun ideas for quilt styled clothes. You looke super!

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing these quilts, I hope to get in to see the show. Did you enter any quilts? I hope you saw my miniature applique.
Take care.

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing your quilt show photos! Great tops, I particularly like your purple one too.

Vicki said...

gorgeous, especially the rock one. It looks like it is mounted over a board. I just love the texture and all the stitching, but they are all beautiful!

Renate said...

What a wonderful show at the Art Museum. What talented quilt artists. Like Gina I like the purple top that you made. Would be interested in getting the pattern for that one.