Sunday, July 29, 2012

Springville Quilt Show, Revisited

I went to the Springville Art Museum again last week, this time with a friend from Salt Lake.  We took our time looking at the quilts, and then had a wonderful lunch at the Art City Trolley.  And, I found some quilts that I'd missed before, or decided that I did want a picture of after all.  So that's what I have for you tonight.

I love red, white, and black together, and this charming quilt pulled me in just with the palette.  It is Village Square by Charlene Nelson.

Kathy Ann  Porter won an award of excellence in embellishment for Blue Fish.  I wish the embellishments photographed better!

I completely missed this small quilt by fellow USDG member Lisa Brothman.  Every bit of color on this is added with thread!

All I can say is yikes, that is intense quilting!

I only have a detail shot of the next one, titled A Little Bit Closer to Insanity, by Pat Hitchcock.  It is a hundred plus four inch blocks, all done in reverse applique.  I would be over the edge trying to do this!

I'm not sure what the name of this block is, but I have always loved the effects you can get if you pay attention to color and detail.  This is Kaleidescope, by Kim Alison McCloskey.

I thought this one was a charmer, whimsical and with all the innocence of childhood.  It is My Whisical Quilt Garden, by Luann Carlson.  She won an award of excellence for use of color (white and bright).

This small quilt was by my Moab friend Sandra Starley.  It's titled Virginia is For Lovers.  It's all hand quilted.

I really liked the color pallette of this one, Celtic Twilight by Kristin White Webb.  And look at all those points!

Amalgamation by Megan Legas won an award of excellence for visual impact.  I do love the look of brights against black- they just sing!!

It was a lovely way to spend a Friday.  And, we've already made plans to get together next Friday to do some batik at Robyn's home.  Can't wait, it has been way to long since I've played with the wax and dyes!


Vicki said...

Again, they are all so wonderful! I love the quilting on the brown one, and the fish and, and, well all of them.

Del said...

Kim Alison McCloskey's Kaleidescope is based on the old pattern Birds-in-the-Air. Lovely color.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you for sharing the show with us. I love them all.

Renate said...

Thank you for being our eyes at the show, the view has been wonderful.

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing this show with us! I really like that heavily quilted piece and I am amazed that those reverse applique pieces are inch sized!!!