Friday, January 18, 2013

A Walk in the Woods series, Part 2

The background strip sets are completed, and now the magic begins.  I started insetting the trees today, and love what is happening.

On the left is the darker strip set, which I've just pinned next to the lighter one that I am working with now.  I'm planning to use the darker strip set on either end of the lighter, like you are looking into the trees with a shaft of light coming through the canopy.  I have a long weekend, so it would be nice if I got all the trees inset before I head back to work on Tuesday.  We shall see!

I did some snow dyeing a few years ago, and have never used the fabric.  Several of them seemed perfect for this piece, so I included them.  And with all the snow we have, I decided to use up the dyes I've had in the studio frig with some snow.  I even scored a basket to hold the fabric at Saver's- it's supposed to be a grill basket, but it will never see food now!

I have three pieces of fabric in this batch, using cool colors.  Tomorrow I'll do three or four more pieces, using the yellows and red dyes I have.  I may look at my dye powders; if I have any mixed dyes, I may make up a little bit to use for this since the mixed dyes split in such interesting ways.

I will probably be posting more 'foodie' items- with Sean here now, it has been so much fun exploring out of the ordinary eateries.  Maybe next time I'll show you what we ate for Shannon's birthday lunch!

I hope you are staying out of the cold, and finding to to be creative!  I'm linking this to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday blog- make sure to look at all the other creative artists that are there.


Judy Ferguson said...

This looks like a great series. I really like the design. Isn't it great to find a use for all those snow dyes?

Renate said...

Beverly those strip sets are coming along nicely. I can really see that sunlight through the trees. BTW love the basket set up you have there for your snow dyeing.

Karen S Musgrave said...

I love what is happening too! Can't wait to see how it evolves.

Rian said...

I love what is happening! How gorgeous!

Nina Marie said...

Okay am I the only one that would hang your abstract up on the wall as is - love the irregular edges and find it a bit mysterious! Now I gotta see where its going to see if I like that better (grin)