Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Strip Set Series

I started another piece in what I hope will be a series, inspired by my visit to Michigan with my son Ian last fall.  I want to make this one larger than the last, and perhaps  be more thoughtful or intentional in my value or color choices.  Here's what I have so far.

I am trying to capture the sense of the woods in the glorious colors of autumn, answering yet another question- what if I change the palette I use?  This is my first step in that direction.  I wanted one with lighter values, as the colors might appear in broad daylight.  I also wanted a set in a slightly darker set of values, as they might appear in shadowed light.  I'm hoping the two pieces will play well together, although I expect I won't have that answer until I start cutting again to insert the tree trunks.

So many other artists have used strip piecing in their work, I often think I am crazy to believe that I can come up with something unique.   I continue because I love the way of working- it is therapeutic for me, relaxing, and works well with my preference for an intuitive process rather than one in which the whole piece is planned  before the needle or scissors ever hit the cloth.  I'll continue to ask the "what if" questions, continue to play with those touches that have my unique imprint on them.  Along the way, I hope to create work that speaks to me, speaks to my vision of the world I live in, and speaks to others.  

And maybe along the way, I'll find it becoming easier to write about the creative process and what it means to me!


Renate said...

Beverly, I can see the "lighting" that you are trying to acheive. the piece on the left has a sense of the darker part of the forest, the one on the right lighter. What if you made a third piece that was lighter still? Joining the three together could give you the sense of walking out of the forest into a small meadow or opening in the forest. Love the colour pallete that you chose!

Libby Fife said...

Well, I think you said things very well. What artist wouldn't want to work intuitively in reaction to how they see the world around them? It's what I think anyway!

Hope all is well:)

Del said...

Interesting direction you are headed.