Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am plugging along on Walk in the Woods 2. I got all the background quilting done this weekend. I am always blown away by how much difference all the thread makes to the look of a piece.

And, I got the background matte pieces cut and sandwiched. I'm using a mid weight non-woven stabilizer and black felt instead of batting. I ended up doing some surface design on part of the matte, then I'll quilt to add focus to the motifs. 

I am getting lazier and lazier about getting out my laptop to post- we'll see how this one turns out, since I'm doing it on my iPad. In the meantime, have a good (and hopefully creative!) week!

A week later, and I can say I won't be using my iPad to post, unless it's a short post without pictures.   I can't control the placement of the photos in the app, and I have no clue how to edit my photos to make them smaller on the iPad.  So posting will continue to be done on my laptop.


Judy said...

Love your Walk in the Woods!

What program are you using to blog from your iPad?


Anonymous said...

I have really loved your Walk in the Woods design posts- I've been scrolling through to see your various design motifs and solutions. I love the uneven edges- I think it is so strong as a design. I hope you will continue posting- how will you finish the edges? Or will you leave them raw? The shapes are great.