Sunday, July 16, 2006


Two and a half years after I started a "sliced quilt" challenge with five other quilters, spread all over Utah- my quilt is DONE! At 4 pm today, I put the last stitch in the label. It is bound, has a sleeve, and a label crediting all those who had a hand in its making: Sandra Starley in Moab, DeAnn Burkhart and Sidney Baird in Salt Lake, and Loretta Nielsen and Deana Jennings in Emery County. So, unless something exciting happens when we (hopefully) all show our quilts at our state guild annual meeting in October, you won't have to read anymore posts about this quilt!!
So, now to the photos of the completed work!
In its entirety. . .

A little closer to the top, so you can see the quilting. . .

And now the bottom half. . .

Deana, were you not thinking about having to QUILT all those tiny Storm at Sea blocks? And the fish- a lost cause, he kind of stands out because there was no way my machine was going through all those layers.

This has been the most productive year I've ever had! Two quilts completed, with all the quilting done by me- something I never thought I would do. I'm happy with the result, and already trying to figure out what I'll be working on next!!

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