Sunday, July 30, 2006

No pictures this weekend, but

it has been a good weekend. In addition to continuing the work on the house quilt, I got my July journal quilt done- and that's why there's no pictures! I'm happy with this one, too, and when I look at the last 3 I've done, there does seem to be an emerging 'handprint.' I think my quilt pages this year will be much stronger than what I did last year- and it will be much harder picking my best five. Not that I don't have a long ways to go in my artistic development, but I feel like I've taken some definite steps in the right direction.

There has been an interesting thread on the QA list the past week or so- whether or not it is possible to make a living as an artist, or more specifically, a quilt artist. I think it has helped me sort out my feelings, and set some goals. I only have six years to go in the state system to have twenty years towards retirement. And, I'll be sixty-two, with medical coverage paid until I'm seventy. I would probably still have to work at something- but hopefully it could be something less stressful, that leaves me more time for my art. And, I'm seriously looking at starting to do some private practice therapy. That may be the best way for me to combine my training as a clinical social worker and my art. But, I have time to plan ---

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Elle said...

I think it's possible to make a living as whatever a person wants--it's how they go about it that determines if they'll succeed or not.