Monday, July 24, 2006

More fun, More work!!

I've actually spent the better part of the last four days playing! Friday, Shannon and I drove up to Brigham City, about 120 miles north of us, to see the Quilt National exhibit they have. It's only part of the whole show, but I'm so glad someone in Utah booked the show. It continues to amaze me that little Brigham City does it. They museum itself is small, but this is the third fiber show I've gone up there for in a year. And, the quilts were wonderful. I treated myself to the book about the show; since I already have the Art Quilt book that is the compilation of the Quilt National shows since 1995, I now have lots of eye candy on my bookshelf.

I've managed to get some dyeing in- a three yard piece of raw silk. I'm still on my lime green kick- it just seems to morph that way. First I microwave dyed it turquoise- where the color took, it took beautifully- but it was probably too large a piece to do this way. So, Saturday I overdyed it a lighter shade of lime green, and left it to bake on the driveway all day. Since we've been having temperatures of 100 plus for over a week, it was well batched when I washed it out Sunday morning. I still can't decide to use it as is, or tone it down a bit. I'll make some sort of a top out of it--

And, I started a house quilt as a gift for someone. I'm not used to doing such detailed work, or using a pattern- but this seems to be working well. I'm doing it with Betty Alof's class, Home Building, at Quilt University. I've dinked with some of her techniques, but mostly I'm being a good student. The biggest change I've made is using Liquifuse instead of Wonder Under for the big pieces, to avoid the stiffness. Here's where I started this morning--

And here's where I am now--

This whole process has my studio feeling chaotic and messy-- my quilting/cutting table, as I've slowly cut apart the pattern to compose the house--

Not messy by some standards, but it feels that way to me. Too much mess = not able to concentrate!

We're off to the park to see what's there for Pioneer Day--

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