Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back home!

It is good to be home, five days on the road working ten and twelve hour days gets old quickly. And no, I didn't hit any quilty-type stores in St. George, although I did do a bit of clothes shopping.

I have less than a month until Marly's birthday, so I started on her present- I decided some time ago what I'm doing. The coloring is done, now on to thread painting. I picked up some Totally Stable yesterday, we'll see how I like it.

Sadie and I went for a hike today, up a trail I discovered a month or so ago. She came back tired, and I can feel it in my legs. The knee I hurt several years ago also lets me know when I overdo it- and I'm feeling it today. I got some pictures of wildflowers- but I'm too tired to download them onto the computer- so maybe tomorrow.

Not much else- maybe more quilty content later in the week. Right now I'm off to bed.

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