Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's So Quiet!

We are officially empty nesters. Shannon and I spent most of yesterday finishing her packing and running last minute errands. Knowing that we had to be up in the middle of the night to get her to Salt Lake by 5:30 am, we both fell into bed early. The early morning run to the airport went off without a hitch, she got through check-in and security very quickly, and before we knew it is was time to leave her.
Here we are, a last portrait together at the airport--

She is not a morning person, so I don't think it has hit her yet that her life is taking off in an entirely new direction. She's exactly the same age I was when I left college for a year to bum around Europe, and it was certainly a life-changing experience for me.
She got through security so quickly, we didn't even have parking charges. When we left to head back to the car, we could see her down below waiting to go through the final security check. I just can't believe it's been more than nineteen years since I first held her in my arms.

We came back to a house that feels different, somehow. I spent the rest of the morning ironing clothes so I can pack for a week-long business trip. I leave this afternoon, too- so DJ, Sadie, and Annabelle will have the house to themselves.
I do have some quilty stuff to post. I finished my last four postcards on Friday, and even got them mailed off. This bunch started with a piece of fabric I dye painted last winter. As soon as she saw the finished piece, Shannon said "Ladybugs!" So that's what I did. I added the black with my Caran d"Ache water soluble wax pastels, and a little bit of thread painting. I used Superior Glitter thread to quilt in the background. This was a fun group of cards! Here's my favorite--

And here's a shot of all the cards. Yes, there's an extra, I actually ended up making five.

The bottom one is upsidedown- the sun is supposed to be in the upper corner, not the bottom!

I will be without computer access for a week, I don't get back from Richfield and St. George until late Friday afternoon. Thank goodness next weekend is a holiday.

Safe and pleasant journeys, Shannon. We love you and will miss you-

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Helen said...

Those ladybug postcards are fantastic, such fun to look at. No wonder you made an extra.