Monday, July 23, 2007

Dyepot Results. . .

were a mixed bag. I did three different blues: Sacrecron Blue, Pro Chem Teal Blue, and Pro Chem Indigo. These came out great! The first picture is the Sabrecron Blue and Teal Blue, the second is Indigo.

The reds, not so successful. I did value runs in Claret (left) and Burgundy (right).

I think I have here proof positive that Procion MX dyes have a shelf life. I have no idea exactly how old these dyes are, but I knew they were old. The Claret washed out so much, I couldn't believe it. And, in the 4 colors/one pot samples, the Claret didn't have much impact either. So, I'm chucking the rest of that dye.

These are the two 4 color/one pot pieces. In one I did four different reds: claret, raspberry, burgundy, and Cibracron Red. Once again, the Claret had the least effect on the fabric. The other side is red-blue-red-blue, using Indigo on the bottom, Claret, then Sabrecron Blue, and finally Cibracron Red. Interesting, but not spectacular.

Just goes to show that dyeing is art as much as science, and you never quite know what you are going to get. Some of these may get overdyed- maybe I could come up with some spectacular browns? Or get them more purple? I never seem to tire of this process, however, even when I don't get what I thought I would.

I had the brilliant idea to dye cheesecloth along with the fat quarters- I just stuck small cuts in the dyepots. I obviously wasn't thinking, because when I pulled the fabric out of the washer, this was what I had for my cheesecloth!

Well, I learned you just don't dye small cuts of cheesecloth, and expect it to survive the washer. So next time I will do much bigger lengths, and segregate the cheesecloth in it own mesh bag.

I also overdyed some of the pieces Bentlee and I discharged last weekend, with a rust brown. Some were definitely improved- and next will be discharged again, with another pattern.

I'd also hoped to get some quilting done on my journal quilt, but my Juki decided to get sick and is now in the shop. So, no quilting until next weekend- I won't fight the tiny space under the harp of my Bernina. And, tomorrow we have plans with Bentlee anyway.


tracey petersen said...

Just beautiful. Not knowing what you will get is half the fun!

Nellie's Needles said...

Thanks for showing your dying results. Can't wait to see where you go next with them. I especially like your disintegrated pieces of cheese clothe ... I would have no problem knowing how to use them.