Saturday, July 28, 2007

Parades, quilts, and art show. . .

Well, I never got around to posting about the holiday doings last weekend, so here it is, a week late. We got up in time to get a decent seat for the parade. It was nice out, thanks to a cloud cover that vanished as soon as the parade started. We eventually had to move to a shady spot, but still had a decent view.

The parade started with Civil War soldiers, who scared us all when they fired their muzzle loaders.

There were the usual horses- these draft breeds are huge!!

And high school bands, but this one was by far my favorite.

I wonder how many high schools across the country have their own bagpipe band? There were actually three pipe bands in the parade, but I figure two pictures is plenty.

And the "boys with their toys" that are so common in rural areas. . .

Betcha didn't know that Cinderella's coach was really an onion, not a pumpkin!!

There were baseball teams galore, and other assorted characters- but enough of the parade. There was also an art show in the park, with people's choice awards for the best kid, teen, and adult artist. One fiber artist entered three pieces, of course I voted for her. Here's the tent, photoshopped so you can see the inside--

There does seem to be an interest in the arts here, which is nice.

And, finally, the quilt show. It's traditional quilts, hung outdoors at a historic house on Main St. by a local guild.

And that was enough holiday celebration for me- I left the carnival to Bentlee and DJ.

I tried working on my Journal Quilt last weekend, but had to give up because my Juki kept acting up. It spent several days in the shop,and came back working great. I got all the quilting done yesterday! So, only the last element, and then the binding to do. I can't believe I got it done this early.

Hopefully, more quilty and Florida posts later this weekend. No, I still have not posted all my stuff from Florida!

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