Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Florida musings. . .

My second day there, Marly and I went to Venice to see a quilt exhibit I'd been told about. Venice is a cool beach town, about midway between Sarasota and Fort Myers. They have a lovely art center--

There were actually two exhibits, one by a local art quilt group that had some interesting pieces. The other was "Metrotextural", pieces done by a New York group that includes Paula Nadelstern. I loved her take on the Brooklyn Bridge. No pictures, but if the exhibit comes your way, be sure to see it.

After the quilts, we walked in the old part of town. Here's a bit of history on Venice, with Marly included!

We window shopped, looked in some of the interesting stores, and had lunch at an old-fashioned soda fountain- something Marly hadn't seen before. And then I found out that Sean hasn't taken her to the beach since she moved here!! What, you live right on the Florida coast and you don't take your new wife to the beach??? So, we drove the short distance to the beach. She sat and enjoyed the view, I couldn't resist getting at least my feet wet.

For someone who grew up on the California beaches, this was heaven. The beach was not crowded, and the water was 85 degrees. The only thing they don't have is waves.
What's not to enjoy about this???

There's plenty more, but later- I smell dinner calling.

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Your Son said...

The sand is what is not to enjoy!