Monday, September 03, 2007

Last of the Labor Day weekend dyefest. . .

I washed out the rest of the hand-dyes yesterday, and was pleased with the results. Here is the turquoise to rust overdye run--

And the Santa Fe Blue to Rust Brown overdye run--

The blue in the last one is actually equal parts of turquoise, sky blue, and black. And, the names are Katy Widger's, from her Color Wheel dyeing book. I love the overdye system she developed!

I think I am done with overdyes that use all three primaries, however. I've done ever one of hers, and got some nice browns and neutrals. I've wondered why I'm so fascinated with the browns, when it's not a color I use in my home or wear. I certainly have plenty of material for landscape quits in the future! My stash bins are getting crowded, I've had to make separate bins for blue greens and yellow greens, and today I had to separate out the turquoise and grayed blues from the clearer blues. So I think I can lay off the dyeing until I get some of the stash used in projects.

With the end of the journal quilt project, I've been wondering what to focus on. I'm not attending any workshops, I'm staying away from challenges- I feel the need to just do some work and see what comes of it. I have a possibility of putting some work up in a small gallery where I live- I wouldn't expect much in the way of sales, but it is exposure.

DJ and I went to the movies yesterday afternoon, and then drove up to Squaw Peak, which overlooks Utah Valley. The view is spectacular- I took pictures, but they never seem to do it justice. Imagine my surprise, though, on the way down- wild turkeys by the side of the road! I managed to get a shot before they all moved back into the trees.

You can see the one pretty well, and then the heads of a couple of others in the leaves. I think there were 7 or 8 all told, but some managed to get away before I got my camera out. Hope they survive the fall hunt!!

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Nellie's Needles said...

Beverly, I'm so pleased to be the recipient of the threads that unraveled in the process of your dying these fabrics. Thank you for those plus the green silk. They will end up in my "100 Lake Series".