Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some done, others started. . .

It has been two weeks since I last posted, and it has been a busy time. The Surface Design group show at the new Covey Center for the Arts in Provo starts Oct. 5, and I will be helping to hang it this Thursday. the building is beautiful, I should have pictures from the opening reception. My two pieces are stretched and ready to hang! I finally got the edges fringed on the inner border of Summer Suns, and I also used some spray finish because of the tissue paper. So, here it is, done!!

And a closeup--

It took me longer to fringe that than to do the quilting. Go figure.

I named my other piece 'Watchers'. It was fun, but sometimes I think I let a good idea run wilder than I should have. I was thinking of the Maurice Sendak book my boys used to love, "Where the Wild Things Are." And Harry Potter. Anyway, here it is.

I was introduced to a brand of monofilament thread by a friend, and used it on this piece. First time I haven't wanted to rip out the thread as soon as I've put it in!! These discharge pieces were so hard to photograph, none of them are really like the actual piece. And, I tried for a detail shot with no success.

And, I have begun work on a more traditional quilt. I have had a bunch of blocks sitting around for over five years, leftovers from a quilt I made for my daughter. My blog banner is actually a picture of part of that quilt. I've had lots of green blocks- and no matter how I've arranged them, they do not sing.

I took them with me to Asilomar in 2005, when I took an independent study with Margaret Miller. These blocks are her Easy Pieces blocks, and I figured who better to ask than the author herself. She recommended adding additional color to more blocks, so I bought several half-yard cuts. This week I started making the blocks, and what a difference!!

I've got the regular blocks done, now I need to sew the mirror image blocks. What is so sweet is that her system enables you to complete a lot of blocks in a short time frame. Here's my workstation, all set up--

And here's the first set of blocks up on the design wall. This is just the first try, I will spend lots of time twiddling with the arrangement.

Finally, I am now halfway through my watercolor class. I have decided that watercolor is a most unforgiving medium, and I now have much more respect for the artists who do it! I've got space set up in my dye studio--

And here is my first amateurish attempt, leaves, working on some transparency. I am having fun, even if I am finding it more difficult than anticipated!

So, I now have plenty to keep me busy with the demise of journal quilts. More later about hanging the show!!

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