Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's hot, it's a weekend- so I must be dyeing!!

And you would be right. I found some PFD (at least I think it was!!) in a back cranny of my stash. I ripped it up, and Thursday morning starting dyeing. No recipes for the most part, although I was using the methods in Ann Johnston's Color by Accident. I love what happens with the color parfait, and that is most of what I did. And, just for fun, I threw in half-yard pieces of cheesecloth, and fat eighths of silk organza with the cotton.

Here's the end results of the first day:

That's cotton on the right, and the silk on the left. Yummy!

That's cotton on the left, and cheesecloth on the right. I think some of my fabric was not mercerized, because some pieces had duller colors than I would have expected. And, the small bit you can see with the fabric folded doesn't show off the patterning on some of them!

I love the yellow and golds I got here--

And here--

And here!!

I wasn't sure about this one when I saw it wet, but fell for it while ironing it. I think the ironing is my favorite part of the process, it is just magical to watch the colors and patterns emerge. I never tire of it.

How about the patterning on this rusty red one??

And the last one--

All in all, a good dye day. I haven't quit there- I have two sets of overdyes baking for the second dye run, and about 10 small pots of pieces I'd formerly dyed and decided they needed overdyeing. So I'll have more to post tomorrow.

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