Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feeling awful. . .

I have finally managed to catch one of the many viruses going around, a cold. Made it through work until late afternoon on Thursday, then I gave up and went home to bed. I've spent a fair amount of time there Friday and today.

In a short spurt of energy, I got the gears fused to the background. Then this morning I sent Shannon out to get a gray archival pen at our local scrapbooking shop. I did not want black for the writing, too much contrast. She succeeded, and today in another short energy burst, I got the writing done.

So here it is, with everything except quilting and edge finish done. I've noticed that many people chose one or two events that were significant to them; I went the other direction, and came up with a lengthy list of things I remember that are no longer around.

I did make a goof or two when I did the writing- it was difficult to gauge distance writing around the circles. I'm telling myself that these are design practice pieces, perfection not required.

I've auditioned quilting patterns, and have an idea of the direction I want to go. So, if I can get feeling better, maybe I can even get it done this long weekend. It probably would be better if I weren't operating on Nyquil or other cold remedies!

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jacqui said...

What a unique approach, I love it.

I found this challenge quite hard as there are so many memories but so many of them are reinforced by TV images and magazines, its difficult to tell if I remember or not.