Sunday, February 24, 2008

More on stretching fiber / quilted art---

I did succeed in getting my Rock Art piece on the stretchers bars- properly sealed wood, of course! Here it is, hanging in our dining room--

And here's the back--

I learned that Warm and Natural batting, which is what I use on most of my wall art, is bulkier than the low loft poly I used on Shannon's fabric panels. So I need to cut more out of the corners. And a reader, Ann, suggested installing a brace or corner braces on larger sets of bars- a good idea which I will use on future pieces. But overall, I am happy with how this came out. Last night I took this and the Watchers piece to a small gallery in Spanish Fork (that also happens to be part of a tatoo parlor), and the guys loved them. So they are hanging there, we will see if I have any takers.

I also got the preliminary stitching done on my tree for the Autum Mountains quilt. Now I can see what the tree looks like on the background. Sorry the tree photographs so lousy, but nothing I do in Elements seems to help.

I'll leave this on the design wall for me to look at before I take the next steps.

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Sandra said...

Hey there,
The tree has added a lot of interest to your leaf top. On a whimsical note, it looks like the fall tree is hugging the leaves, trying to hold on to its lost leaves of spring/summer.