Sunday, February 17, 2008

On the Mend- and February TIF Done!!

Two and a half days spent mostly in bed, and today I am feeling much better. Still coughing, but at least I've been able to stay vertical for more than fifteen minutes without feeling exhausted. So, I managed to get my February challenge piece quilted and faced.

And a detail--

I tried to continue the circular motif of the gears with my quilting. Overall, I am very happy with the design concept, moderately ok with the execution on the piece. I can point out a couple of places where I know I goofed. But, overall, a good learning piece.

Now that Shannon is home, we are eating well. Today she wanted to make crepes Suzette for dessert, and who was I to object? Here's the crepe making, now I'm just waiting for her to douse them in flaming sauce. I've no doubt they will be yummy!

Since I've managed to get this month's challenge done early, I need to get my Pay It Forward piece out of my head and into fabric. This one will have lots of hand embroidery. And, I've got more work to do on the tree. Here's hoping the cold really is fading away--

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Nellie's Needles said...

This piece makes me smile ... the memories, the gear patterns, the bright yellow that shines ... even the background shape :-)