Sunday, January 04, 2009

End of Vacation

Sigh- last day before it's back to the salt mines. Oh well, WAQ is meeting this Friday, so I have that to look forward to.

I got Autumn Mountains sandwiched yesterday. I ended up cutting out all the stabilizer I'd put behind the top, except behind the tree. It did seem to help with the puffiness problem I'd noticed in some areas of the quilt, especially between tree branches. Now to do more sketches of the quilting pattern before I actually stitch. As usual, I'm paranoid about ruining all my hard work with a shabby quilting job.

Just as a warm up, I finished quilting one of the batik sunflowers I did last summer. Now, I'm planning to add some metallic bronze paint, as the Kemshall's demonstrated in their book, The Painted Quilt. I think I will gift this piece, and have the perfect person in mind. Here's a detail of the quilting--

I also did an additional layer on two more silk scarves, using Jane Dunnewold's flour paste resist. It's an interesting process, smells like you are using pancake batter. It took overnight to dry, with a fan on it (and that in our bone-dry Utah climate). Then I crinkled it, and added black Dye-na-Flow. Here's the scarves after the paint application- you have to let this sit at least 24 hours, so the paint can cure.

Here's where my problems began. I soaked the scarves in warm water as directed, to start the removal of the paste. That got a lot out- but not all. I washed it twice, then had to soak again. All told, I think I did five soaks/washes. I think my black paint is less intense as a result, but I still like the effect. The other issue I had was the softness of the scarves. They were stiff as boards! I ran them through one more wash with Milsoft, and that helped some- but they are still stiffer than I would like. Hopefully, wearing them will help. Doesn't this red look great with my purple turtleneck!!

Next time I want to get this effect, I think I will use soy wax- much easier to remove!

I'm off to church, then I think we are taking in a matinee today. "Doubt" or "Benjamin Button" are my top choices. Hope your week is a good one!


Miles Johnson said...

Your are one busy woman!! Tsunami, Batiked sun flower, scarves... Where do you get all the time?
Seriously, tsunami is a really great piece. I have an idea for using peltex 72 to re-enforce the upper portion of the quilt so that it hangs straight from the sleave. Lemme know and I can e-mail the idea to you.
Best of luck!!!


Judy said...

Love the quilting on your sunflower. The red & black scarf is nice, but I've had that problem with the hand also.
What movie did you see? I haven't wanted to see either, but now have heard such great reviews of "Doubt" that I want to go see it.


D said...

I don't know Jane's recipe but I've used rice paste as a resist and it completely washed out and there was nothing left in the fabric. Perhaps the black paint sealed it into the fabric. Isn't Dynaflow a paint really, not a dye?