Monday, January 19, 2009

I Think I'm Human Again

The worst of the cold seems to be past me- I've not taken any OTC medicine today, and can actually breathe. And, I felt good enough to leave the house for the first time since last Wednesday. Had to hit Costco and Sunflower market, the kitchen was getting a bit bare.

I have done some playing today. I first read about painting dryer sheets on Katherine Sands' blog. The idea intrigued me, so I started saving them, and even got the rest of the family trained to save them too. I now have a rather large plastic bag stuffed full of the things. This morning I pulled out my Setacolor paints, and put enough of the sheets in a bowl to sort of fill it up. Then I just started pouring paint on them, and scrunching them around to get the paint all over them. Here's the first batch, lovely lime green. Can you tell I'm ready for spring?

I hung the first two batches on my Ikea dryer, then ran out of clothespins. Here's the first and second batchs- lime green and yellow-red.

After that I did a red/blue/purple batch,

then a blue/green batch, and a yellow/purple.

And I've only used up about half my stash of the sheets!

i have no intention of using all of these myself. The Surface Design group I belong to is having a 'Green Challenge', with all of us to create works using only the materials we already have. As a kickoff, we're all bringing fabric/thread/whatever to our meeting Wednesday night that we don't want. It will all get piled up on a table, and we can pick what we want to take home. The work created in this challenge will be in a gallery show next October in Provo. I think it could be interesting--

I keep putting off sewing the beads on Blue Tsunami. My thumbs are really bothering me, probably all the knitting this weekend didn't help. We'll see what the orthopedist says on Wednesday morning. But geeze, I had to do SOMETHING with my hands, just sitting and watching TV drives me crazy. Even the inauguration stuff, as interesting and inspiring as I've found it. I expect tomorrow to be a total high!!


Miles Johnson said...

1) Hurry up with Tsunami- I have a place all ready waiting for it!
2) Forgive my ign'ance but what does one do with dyed dryer sheets? I use them as a layer in many of my postcards but that's just to keep them smelling nice during transit.
3) Catch ya later!!!!!


katherinesands said...

Wow!@ These look got lots of color on these sheets. I probably use a lot less paint, but I am going for more transparency. I think your group will love them! Thanks for the link.