Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Blahs

Winter in Utah county is often bleaghhh- not because of the cold, but because of the inversion. Add that to my preference, which would be do be done with winter right after New Year's, and it makes for about two months of feeling blah!!

So I struggle at time to keep a positive attitude as I wait out the season. Being outside is often not an option- pollution gets worse as the inversion sits over us. Even if it's not bad where we are, the sight of the brown gunk sitting over the rest of the county doesn't exactly inspire me to WANT to be outside.

So I got the grocery shopping done as early as I could this morning, and did some cleaning in the studio. Remember the felt I put up on one wall a few months ago? I decided that just having the felt hanging there was not working, so I yanked it down. I bought some smaller pieces of foam insulation at Home Depot, and covered them with felt I'd bought at Joann's half off. With a few pieces of sticky back velcro, they are now up on the wall- and it looks a whole lot better than it did!

That's all my postcards, and the journal quilts I decided were worthy of being displayed.

The triangle piece was a PIF from Ferret in Britain. Above that are my last journal quilt, and a piece I did at a workshop. I had one panel left over, so I put it to the left of my Bernina- another small design wall, easily accessible.

I also rearranged where I store some tools in the dye studio, so that area is more functional too.

Then I got busy and made a sleeve for Tsunami, and decided it needs more of the bigger seed beads.

Earlier this month my surface design group met, and in addition to our speaker, we had a stash exchange. We're doing a 'Hard Times' challenge, and hope to exhibit the results of the challenge at a gallery show in Provo next fall. I picked up a couple of remnants of hand dyed silk noil,

and a half completed piece that the maker had decided she didn't like. I love the colors, so decided it was worth a shot.

I've got it pinned up on my new small design wall, waiting to see what it says to me.

Yesterday when I went out to get the mail, I saw this ice 'sculpture' on top of the utilities box in our front yard. I've no idea how it formed, but I thought it looked cool.

I will be an indoor girl most of this week, the inversion is supposed to strengthen til next weekend. I guess I'm grateful I don't have asthma or another respiratory issue- don't know how folks that do deal with it.

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Karoda said...

what is the "inversion"...a weather term/condition i'm not familiar with...

and speaking as someone with respiratory disease...i have always hated winter and i do not use the h-word casually. i've tried my best to at least have a civil relationship with this season...i can't fool myself into it. its my worst season and always has been. i do believe i could hibernate the entire season every year w/o any regrets.

i was able to sew a little today at my workshop but i still cursed the 10 degree temp.