Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally- a Day in the Studio!

I have been hard at work all day, piecing my quilt for February's 'Interpret This' challenge.  I made my final decisions on fabrics yesterday, and drafted freezer paper templates this morning.  The sewing went together quickly, and the last really fiddly bits are finally done.  All that's left is to square it up, decide if I'm going to border it, and quilt it.  I think I've already got a quilting design, at least for a large part of the quilt.  And I can't show you any of this!

We had a little snow this morning, and I was hoping it would keep up so I could try some snow dyeing with dyes I've had in the frig for a few months.  It quit before lunch, however, and by afternoon it was sunny and the snow gone. I see the midwest and east coast buried, and we haven't had any big storms since Christmas.  Our front yard faces south, and the snow's been gone from there for a couple of weeks.

I've also got 'Blue' done and ready to be quilted.  A good thing, since I only have this weekend and next to finish both.  I'll be in southern Utah on a business trip the entire week of the 22nd, and my reveal date for the 'Interpret This' challenge is the 25th.  So I'll have to create the post before I leave, and figure a way to get it posted on the reveal date.

Beyond that, not much here.  I plan to thoroughly enjoy the long weekend- hope yours is a good one also.


Rayna said...

I am in awe of your accomplishments -- I am staring at my wall!Looking forward to seeing the results!

Rian said...

Snow dyeing? I am intriqued. Love your banner.