Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Dyeing 

I got four containers with half yard pieces of fabric done this weekend- it batched while I spent the better part of yesterday quilting the borders on my 'Interpret This!' February piece.  My setup was improvised and hurriedly done- the fabric on top of two small containers which were then set in a larger container. Everything I've read said that the results are better if you don't let the fabric sit in the dye.  The snow we got was the dry Utah powder, not a lot of moisture in it.  After dumping the dyes on top of the snow, I set the container out in the garage to spend the night.  Cold, but warm enough that the snow would melt overnight.


From front to back, I used grape and cerulean blue, golden yellow and charcoal gray, fire red and lemon yellow, and cerulean blue with lemon yellow.  I wanted to make sure and use a couple of mixed dyes to see what would happen with them.
I brought the fabric in Saturday morning, and let it sit under my heat lamps until late afternoon.  Then I washed them out.  Here's what I got--

Not as dramatic as some of the results I've seen on other blogs, but I will definitely use them.  This fabric is not mercerized and the dyes have all been sitting in my little frig since last fall- so I wasn't surprised by the paler colors.  I do like the veining I got in a couple of them, and the red/yellow one has some nice dramatic areas that could either be used for sunset skies, or flower petals.  All in all, an experiement well worth the time.
It's snowing again today, and I'm packing to leave for southern Utah for the week.  Don't know if there will be any snow left when I return on Friday.  There's a winter storm warning out for all of southwestern Utah, so the driving will be slower than normal.

I'm taking my challenge piece with me, too- there's handwork I can do.  When I get back, the only thing left is a bit of quilting in the very center.  But it will give me something to do in the hotel room besides watch TV.
Hope your week is a creative one!


Karen S said...

I really like that red and yellow one -- but they're all nice. I think that the powdery snow does work very differently than the wet heavy stuff.

Libby Fife said...

Looks like you are plugging along really well. Even though it sounds like you were hoping for more vibrant colors, I think your results look great! Like sherbert ice cream or something summery:)

Have a good week:)

Rian said...

How interesting! And what a lovely result. I am intrigued, definitely. But we gots no snow where I live.

Karoda said...

snow dyeing...i'll count that as one positive reason for it to snow, even though i'll never do it. i love the etheral effects achieved by snow dyeing. sending you traveling mercies too.