Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow at Last!!!

It's not much, and it probably won't hang around long- but it's enough for me to try dyeing some half yard pieces tonight.  I've got them soaking in soda ash and my dyes are out of the frig warming up.  (Although I have to wonder why, since I'm going to dump them on top of snow anyway!)

I was up in Salt Lake today for my WAQ group.  It was good to see everyone, since we haven't met since November.  Kathleen had a gorgeous piece made with fabric and felted wool.  We also got to look at some books from Sidney's voluminous library- always nice to see if you want to buy one yourself!  Robyn and Suzanne are preparing to go to Asilomar next week.  All in all, a good meeting.

I will be quilting the rest of my 'Interpret This' piece tomorrow, while the fabric batches.  I need to get it washed out no later than Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon I leave for Cedar City, and I'll be down south all week for work.  There is a payoff- I'm in St. George til Friday, and I plan on hitting Superior Threads!!

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Judy said...

have fun at Superior Threads! and congrats on the snow