Sunday, August 15, 2010

Springville Art Museum- Again!

I have more quilts to post from the museum show- at least it's quilty content, since I don't have anything of my own to post!

I really liked this one by Marilyn Fashbaugh.  She's a member of the Utah Surface Design Group.  I like the varation in scale, and the movemnt implied by all those little pieces flying about.

This small piece fascinated me.  The artist used actual sisal twine- you can see it exposed towards the top.  It winds its way through the whole piece, hidden under a layer of transparent fabric.

What not to like about a big, red strawberry in the summertime?  

Another Surface Design Group member did this lovely little study of one of the red rock canyons of Utah.

I have enough photos from the show for one more post, so I'll save the rest for then.

I finally have the fabrics picked out for my Interpret This August piece.  The ones I thought would work- didn't.  Interestingly, I ended up with mostly batiks, with a couple of my hand dyes.

I have thought a lot about this one, while I finished the construction on Reap the Wind.  I don't want something representational.  What drew me to the photo in the first place was the shapes- the straight lines of the buildings against the curves of the arches under the bridge.  I'm trying to focus on those, and not worry about what colors are in the photo, or will my quilt 'look' like the photo.  This is not necessarily an easy process for me, since I've long thought Jane Sassaman was describing me when she talks about the "tragically literal."

I also need to spend some time dyeing- a friend is having a second grandson shortly, and I promised to dye some onesies.  (I'll be getting some gorgeously embellished socks for my granddaughter in exchange!)  And I'll be leaving for ten days in Florida in a little over a month- a last chance to enjoy some heat before winter hits!

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