Sunday, August 29, 2010

Therapy Sewing

That's what Rayna Gillman calls it anyway, and I concur- even though what I'll be doing is a bit different than what she does.  I'm finally making some headway on a gift quilt for my son's girlfriend.  I'm using competition shirts from her father, who did triathlons (I think).  I new experience for me, but I think it will turn out well.  I had to figure out what to back the shirt fabric with (woven fusible interfacing), and then cut the shirts up and figure out a design.  I now have the blocks up on my design wall, and it met the intended recipient's approval.  I'm glad she likes bright colors, because this one just screams at you.  Apparently competition biking shirts don't come in muted or pastel colors!

So here's what I have-

I'm figuring it will be 40-something inches by 50 something inches- a good size lap quilt to curl up with in the miserable Chicago winters.

This fabric is heavy enough that I've decided to have 3/4" black sashing between the blocks- that should help keep the bulk down. 

I didn't count the number of shirts I used, I just know the scraps I have left are fairly small in size.  I have some extra in case I run into an issue and need some, but other than that, they are in pieces.  I also found out that synthetic fabric dulls a rotary blade really quickly, and my large cutting mat needs to be replaced soon.  I've worn grooves in it over the years.

I'm hoping I'll have the energy to put in an hour or two after work on this.  All the hard work is done, as long as I work from my design wall I shouldn't screw up adding the sashing.  We'll see.  I don't have any projects I have to get done until the next photo for Interpret This!, and that doesn't post until mid-week.

Time to get started on the Sunday night get ready for work-week chores, like ironing.  Hope your week is a good one!


Kay said...

Isn't it great to have no projects for a while?

This will look sharp: I like the bits of bright yellow scattered through it. But "screams at you" does express it well.

Judy said...

love the quilt....I should have done for our daughter years ago!

spent the morning in the ER with Mom...ugh! I was glad that I had read your email before I got the call that they were sending her there. You tempered my mood.