Saturday, August 21, 2010


No, not sleeping- but in the zone creatively.  I spent probably twelve hours in the studio yesterday, only coming out occasionally to refuel or move some clothes from the washer to the dryer.  My IT! piece is now sandwiched, and I'll be working on the quilting today.

As usual, what I thought I would do isn't exactly what I ended up doing.  Some of what I've been thinking about the past two months is there.  But the fabrics I thought I'd use (the ones I screenprinted in Grand Junction) just didn't work.  So here's what did end up in the quilt---

The two piles on the right are the ones I used.  the two on the left are ones I thought I'd use, and didn't.  The green one on the left I even overdyed with a pale shade of red to knock the vivid green back a notch or two.  That part worked, but the fabric still didn't work in the piece.  So I solved the issue of value with  thread.

This has been a fun adventure.  I found batiks in my stash I'd forgotten I have!

I will also be on edge today, waiting to hear from my friends in Grand Junction what the juror (Melody Randol) has to say about my wind turbines piece.

So now I'm off for coffee and some breakfast, then back down to the studio.  Housework?  What's that???


Judy said...

love your fabric choices Bev! No, I never go with what I think/dream I'll go with. Nice to know that I'm in good company!
Good luck with your wind turbines piece. Let us know how it goes. I'm sending good thoughts your way.


Kay said...

The way a design has to change during the creative process is always amazing, isn't it? My IT piece actually went as planned this time, the only time that has happened, I think.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Oh I like those colors. I think you and I post on the same day and are first! I am excited to see all the finished pieces this time. Mine went as planned to but I did change some fabric during the process.

Eldrid said...

love the fabric on the top of the pile on the right..did you do these? love the colors..good meeting today aqua..

Debra said...

Mine is vaguely as planned but mostly as it came to me!
It's going to be an interesting reveal.